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MBFW F2014 Street Style : "Nobody supposed to look like me"

If you are in New York during fashion week you might have spotted a colorfully stylish gent strutting his stuff. His style is as bold and confident as any of the fashionistas lingering in the good light. As of late he seems to be on his way to becoming an internet sensation as more images of him pop up on the net from street style photographers.

Introducing the Bloomsbury Girls

  This week Burberry revealed the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 collection - The Bloomsbury Girls. The collection takes creative inspiration from the British decorative art of the Bloomsbury set and Charleston, the country home and meeting place for the writers, painters and intellectuals who

MBFW F2014 : Backstage with Zang Toi

Most of the collections shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion week last about 15 - 20 minutes. A lot of work goes into making the presentation seem effortless. Arrive backstage two to three hours before the show and you'll get a more complete picture.


At 3pm on Monday afternoon February 12, guests eagerly await the start of the Betsey Johnson runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Inside the tent it's a madhouse, it seems like every space in the tent will be filled as people determined to see the show continue to stream in.

Highlights from the 2013 Style BVI Hair And Beauty Expo

From ready to wear hair to the un-be-weave-able hair; leading hairstylist in the British Virgin Islands got a chance to flex their skills. The featured celebrity hairstylist of the occasion Phillip Krane Bernier stole the show with his live demonstrations.  

Burberry VIP Dressing: 71st Annual Golden Globes

Burberry dressed the following guests attending the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. #poshstyle lovers can find Burberry at the Burberry Barbados store located in Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James – Barbados  

Lifestyle & Culture

Bellaforma Wine

Bellaforma Wine is a producer of premi-yum wines made from the exotic fruits and flowers that adorn the Caribbean landscape. Bellaforma was the original name given to the island of Tobago by Christopher Columbus. The name means “beautiful form”.

Secret to Preparing and Maintaining a Budget

A recent poll conducted by TransUnion, one of the major credit tracking firms showed that only 32% of Americans prepare a monthly budget to track their expenses. Since it is highly likely that the percentage is similar in our region, this statistic is particularly alarming in light of the continued slow-down in economic activity and the possibility of workers being laid off or having their work h...

Exploring the Virgin Island Economy

By Sowande Uhuru At one point in our recent history, the British Virgin Islands boasted of full employment. Its relatively small population, combined with the twin pillars of tourism and financial services, created an economy with plenty of opportunities for work and wealth. Currently, the Virgin Islands economy no longer holds the same promise for those searching for new opportunities. The cur...


The British Virgin Islands, 10 days and 2 events are all you need to satisfy your every culinary desire!  Set in Nature's Little Secrets, the BVI Tourist Board presents…"BVI Restaurant Week & the Anegada Lobster Festival"!

Corey Graham 2.0 : Marketing Guru, Social Media Hero

By Shakirah Bourne  It is a time when people manage banking transactions online, friends meet each other on Twitter, and companies manage promotions and customer service on Facebook. Entrepreneur, Marketing Guru and Social Media Hero, Corey Graham, has capitalised on these modern advancements through his company, Drenalin Productions. 


The Third Generation Lexus IS Aims to Go Against the Grain. If you’ve been paying attention to Lexus in the last few years, you’ve seen a successful luxury brand pushing their boundaries and taking some unexpected risks. In December 2010, Lexus began production of its first limited-production supercar, the LFA, a meticulously built driving machine. Boosting a body composition of 65 percent carbo...

Music & Entertainment

Fay Ann Added to VP

VP Records is happy to announce that Trinidadian soca vocalist and songwriter Fay Ann Lyons has signed to the Caribbean music record label for a multi-album record, publishing and merchandise deal.

Caribbean Film Maker: JENNIFER HOLNESS

Born in Jamaica and raised in Canada, Jennifer Holness easily feels comfortable in the islands as well as in Toronto, in spite of the cold weather there during winter.  This one very busy lady directed the exciting and touted new film Home Again that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013.  At the time of this interview she and the cast had just returned from the


The universal power of music is not better exemplified than the talents of Jamaican Reggae artist Wayne Marshall.  They say that music is the Almighty playing his Aeolian harp and frolicking with the Zephyr winds to create music…and this time He has chosen as his conductor, this very seasoned and ever-so-talented modern day Reggae musician, Marshall, to bring all the vibes together.

Christopher Ellis

Some things are planned, some things just happen, and then there are those things that are simply meant to be. Such is the link between Christopher Ellis, the youngest son of legendary Jamaican vocalist Alton Ellis, and the Ghetto Youths International crew.


Jamaican reggae artist Wayne Marshall will release hisTru Colors EP on November 26, 2013 to give fans a taste of his highly anticipated album carrying the same name. His Tru Colors album will drop January 21, 2014 and is Marshall’s first full-length release in over 10 years, following his debut Marshall Law (VP Records)


Nearly two decades and ten albums later, the mission has come full circle for Morgan Heritage. Globally known as the “Royal Family of Reggae,” and now today being dubbed as the “Rolling Stones of Reggae” (in large part due to the act’s electric stage shows), Morgan Heritage has established themselves as the premier live group on the reggae circuit.


Caribbean History